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Opening Stands

Your family or friend has a new business opening? Why don’t you congratulate them by sending our auspicious opening stands? At our shop, we have many types of opening stands ranging from standard to premium stands. Our congratulatory stand is elegantly designed and it will boost the luck of the new business!


OS20 (RM130)OS19 (RM150)OS18 (RM150)OS17 (RM350)
 OS20 (RM130)  OS19 (RM150)  OS18 (RM150)  OS17 (RM350)
OS16 (RM180)OS15 (RM190))OS014 (RM190)OS13 (RM160)
  OS16 (RM180)   OS15 (RM190)   OS014 (RM190)   OS13 (RM160)
OS12 (RM160)OS11 (RM210)OS10 (RM190)OS09 (RM290)
 OS12 (RM160) OS11 (RM210)  OS10 (RM190)  OS09 (RM290)
OS08 (RM220)OS07 (RM330)OS06 (RM320)OS05 (RM350)
  OS08 (RM220)   OS07 (RM330)   OS06 (RM320)   OS05 (RM350)
OS04 (RM300)OS03 (RM300)OS02 (RM330)OS01 (RM320)
 OS04 (RM300)  OS03 (RM300)  OS02 (RM330)  OS01 (RM320)


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Our Account Number

Account Name: Kim Floral Design

Public Bank: 3191824613


Delivery Fee Will Be Charged According To Location


Kim Floral Design is a well-known brand in the florist and gift industry. We provide flowers and gifts for all occasions such as wedding, new business opening and funeral. The flowers, fruits and the packaging that we provide are of top quality to ensure it is up to clients’ expectation. Since 1990s, we have served a large number of clients ranging from consumer, private and government sectors. Apart from the mass market floral service, we also involved in events & functions. Tailor made events is provided to cater to the requirements and preferences of our customers. Please feel free to call 088-241284 for our service.
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